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Why Sustainable

WHY FloatYourHomeBerlin? A Sustainable Response

  • Rummelsburg Harbor
    Rummelsburg Harbor Photo: Katja Hoffmann

Over the past 5 years, the rent in Berlin has increased 120%. The german capital used to be a cheap yet creative place to live. Unfortunately, it is no longer the case.

Since the new millenium, investors have considerably reshaped the city. New districts and residences, as well as remodeling the old have increased the value of the Berlin housing market. The main goal is profit. Yet, not in a sustainable way.

But Berlin wouldn`t be Berlin if she wasn’t resisting while creating new places where to live alternativelyThe Rummelsburg Harbor is one of them. On the waterfront, on the steps of the newly built luxury residences, around 40 boats of all size and shape are anchored on the Spree river. Their owners made the decision to live a sustainable lifestyle. In here, the spirit of  carefree Berlin tries to set an example that living on water is a sustainable response to the ever increasing rent on land.

That is why  FloatYourHomeBerlin wants to be part of the Rummelsburg Harbor community in its goal to put sustainability first.

WHO is FloatYourHomeBerlin? A Sustainable spirit.

Bearded Smile
A bearded smile in a wild field of arnica is the hint on Holger’s personality, the very inspirator and builder of FloatYourHomeBerlin.

After studying at the University of Münster, I traveled the world. However, I always did so in a sustainable way.

For instance, in my Parisian studio, I designed and developed a series of modular furniture for modern nomads. In the Caribbean, I opened a beach bar by using only materials  washed up on the coast sand. In the end, I found back my roots in Berlin, where  I launched Inter Alia, a creative brand. It was dedicated to set design,  film decor as well as interior remodeling. Incidentally, in the heart of Kreuzberg36, I opened a popular French patisserie. There  I used  only with regional, seasonal and organic products.  Quality over quantity!

And as I found myself expelled out of my gentrifying neighbourhood, I came up with the idea of building a sustainable floating home. A houseboat – sustainable, self-sufficient and mobile!  Above all, I want this new chapter in my life to be a sharing experience as well as an inspiration to others.

I offer the following links to the blog of FloatYourHomeBerlin. These intend to help others create their own responses.