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Unify the Platforms

A Summery of the previous works

After assembly and sealing the 4 floats, see in the following previous post Then all floats need to be connected with solid beams to 2 platforms of 10 x 5m each,. A front part platform includes 2 slanted floats. The rear part includes 2 straight floats. Indeed, the entire houseboat is built in 2 parts, because 20x5m can not be watered at once.

Then the 2 platforms need to be brought near the crane. At a weight of about 1 ton per platform, the forklift trucks reach the limits of their capacity. In order to further the construction, the platforms are therefore lifted on special houseboat metal racks. The racks can then later be transported with a load lifter of up to 15t.

  • Platforms moving

Turn Two Into One

Both platforms must be tranported to a bigger construction area, closer to the Canal, where the Hollandboot shipyard is located . On the way to its new location, a 10 meters high public lighting lantern preventing access had to be unsealed from the ground (Video Below). At their new location, the platforms are set up one behind the other, so that the further construction can be tailored to fit. However, with the terrain softened and muddy by days of rain, maneuvering such an heavy load can be tricky. Thanks to the whole team of Hollandboot they always do wonders under extreme circumstances 🙂

Lamp has to go

After setting up one platform behind the other, align the platforms with a special lifting tool. For the further construction, it is indeed important that the platforms be perfectly aligned in the horizontal, in order to allow a perpendicular work of the walls and the roof – soon to come in a future post.

The Result

The real dimensions of the boat are visible: it is now 20 x 5m. For the first time, the master builder pride grows in me. I can see and envision better the scope of my future houseboat.

So that the united platform is not washed up by winter rain and snow, fabric tarpaulins are needed. It has to be stretched and secured well.
Next week the construction will start with pulling up the walls

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