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Two Boatbuilders Brothers

MARTIN & TOBIAS, a Boatbuilders Family.

 2 Brothers Boatbuilders / 2 Bruders / 2 Frères
2 Brothers / 2 Bruders / 2 Frères

Last year, Martin and Tobias,  two boatbuilders brothers, have completed a charming houseboat which they rent now. A family of boatbuilders ready to create a fleet ?

Indeed, last summer, with crash barriers and high-grade steel bleeder tubes, they have put together  another houseboat.


“We are two brothers of a family of six siblings. We all have been raised in a village surrounded by numerous rivers and lakes, in the Brandenburg region. Since we can always remember, we have been enjoying these idyllic settings while floating on air mattresses and exploring wildlife. Now we want to  make these experiences accessible to all. We decided to build a houseboat ourselves. From the choice of materials to the architecture and design, we were able to experiment and to let our ideas run free.  After this first successfull  experiment, we agreed that a second houseboat had to be built this year! The experience we gained on the first houseboat is now incorporated in a new design: bigger, more stable and with better facilities.

The construction of this new houseboat started in the garden of our grandparents.  There, we built the basic construction of guardrails in advance.  Then all pieces were assembled on the Hollandboot  shipyard. Thanks to the delicious cabbage rolls and goulash our father cooked, everything went pretty fast.  As you can see: Family matters 🙂 “


Anchored in the Rummelsburg Harbor,  the first houseboat can be rented all year long. It is a true authentic experience of Berlin alternative lifestyle.  Even though, there is a small lack of comfort, life on water offers a  real balance, thanks to the sun, rain and wind bringing back a real sense of time. A break from city life which begins to pulsate only a few steps inland.
“Our “handmade” houseboat offers a fully equipped floating home: a Tiny House on water. It includes a kitchenette with hob and fridge, a bathroom with electric water, as well as dry toilets, plus a fireplace in the living room. In here, one can relax under a roaring fire while enjoying a view on the Spree river.  And all can sleep peacefully in the shallow waves rocking the boat slowly but surely.”

Soon a short video of the two brothers building their houseboat

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