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Tiny House Movement

From Big House to Tiny House?

First, in order to understand the Tiny-House movement, here is a brief history.  In the U.S, the average size family home went from 1780 square feet (165m²) in 1978 to 2662 square feet (247m²) in 2013. The average price  of a house in the U.S is about $290.000.  More than often, the cost of mortgage and insurance will at least double the final purchase price, People become overwhelmed by the cost of their home. They sometimes spend 1/3 or more of their income to afford a house. Any .pitfall can get anyone evicted. The 2008 subprime crisis is the best example of mortgage going wrong with many loosing their homes.

Since that crisis, a shift in today’s consumerism minset blossomed. Indeed, the Tiny-House Movement promotes a more economical lifestyle. By living simply in a small home, it advocates financial prudence. While less is more, living in a small environment helps save costs.

  • Tiny House on WheelsT
    Tiny House on Wheels

A Tiny-House costs anywhere between 10.000 to 40.000$ and about the same in Euros. Moreover, the cost of upkeep is quite low.   In the end, Tiny Houses offer a path to a smaller environmental footprint, greater financial freedom, and ultimately a self-sufficient life

Enclosed a very interesting blog which details everything


Frequently, the distinction is made between a small house and a tiny-house. A small house is between 400 square feet (37m²) to a 1000 square feet (97m²). A Tiny-House is less than 400 square feet (37m²) and as small as 80 square feet (7,4m²). 

With almost 100m², FloatYourHomeBerlin falls into the small house category.

Boat Interior Plan
Boat Interior Plan

However, its construction was inspired by the Tiny-House movement. For the same tight budget, it aims at the same goals. Like all Tiny-Houses, FloatYourHomeBerlin hopes to reach the same self-sufficiency, financial freedom as well as a minimum enviromental footprint. In the end, it is inspired by Henry David Thoreau and his book Walden (soon to be detailed in a future post)

Tiny-House Movement in Germany

With a few years of delay, the Tiny House movement has also arrived in Germany. Yet, in here, the administration and the local laws set restrictive rules. Tiny-Houses are more likely to be in the small range. They also can be considered as Trailers. However, because of administrative restrictions change of location is rather difficult. Here, take a look at an informative YT CHANNEL by
Lisa Kossmann.
In this Channel (in German), she describes how she builts her own Tiny-House. Above all, she gives valuable “how to do it” tips .:

Way back in the 1970’s, an alternative precursor of the Tiny-Houses: were made out of old vehicles. The idea is to transform a truck into a house. The most well-known example is the Lohmühle-Berlin, a community located Kreuzberg and promoting an alternative lifestyle

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