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Rummelsburg Harbor News

The Rummelsburg Harbor is one bizarre collection of boats of all kinds. From promenade decks to living spaces with a bohemian twist, all are different. Some can be surprising, others intriguing.  Their styles and periods vary : old fairings, wooden or plastic boats. Each one has its story : saved from wreckage, then restored or built with little or nothing, in order to become an odd yet noticeable piece of art.

  • Rummelsburg Boats
    Rummelsburg Boats

It is their variety that makes the Rummelsburg Harbor a place different than anywhere else. Clearly, this Harbor is an example of Berlin alternative lifestyle, where everything is permitted and possible.

Yet, the Rummelsburg Harbor had to fight to survive. Few years ago, its occupants faced eviction from their new upscale inland neighbours. In the end, the city of Berlin granted the boat community an authorization to remain on the Spree River. However, this reprieve is not permanent.

Here is a Spiegel article dated 2012  (click on Spiegel in order to get a popup)  Of course, this enclosed point of view needs to be updated in the section of FloatYourHomeBerlin Blog.

That is why, FloatYourHomeBerlin decided to create a section of the Blog dedicated to the News of the Rummelsburg Harbor. In here, no filter.  In the end, FloatYourHomeBerlin aims at gathering a real community with all and everybody living on the Rummelsburg Harbor. Ultimately, the idea is to trigger a constructive dialogue between those on the water and those on the waterfront of the Spree River.

Neighbours Portraits

More than the boats, the people on the boats or “behind the boats” are the ones who make the Harbor so unique. Each one has a clearly defined background. More than often, each one’s journey into the Harbor is a compelling story  in motion.

FloatYourHomeBerlin hopes to shade a light onto each persona. Some, like Holger, prefer to remain anonymous. FloatYourHomeBerlin will try to get a glimpse of  their world, without showing their faces. In the end, with each portrait, FloatYourHomeBerlin will try to outshadow a kalaïdoscope of experiences. In doing so, hopefully, the aim is to have a better sense of the diversity of the Rummelsburg Harbor growing community.

Animals Around

At the edge of the city, on water or on the river bank, wildlife is still being part of the ecosystem. Birds, ducks, swans and moorhens, as well as cats and dogs or woodchucks and foxes… All are more than ever in their own elements in the Rummelsburg Harbor. As if all the construction around was not that disturbing, animals are still part of the territory.

  • Rummelsburg Harbor Moorhen
    Rummelsburg Harbor Moorhen

Also, almost every boat has its Mascot. Each has a story waiting to be told. FloatYourHomeBerlin will do its best to write it all.

However, the first chapters to this part of the Blog are not about the Rummelsburg Harbor. They are set on the Shipyard where Holger builds his Houseboat. Lets start with Martin & Tobias,  Two Boatbuilders Brothers