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What is Happy Frugality ?

Happy Frugality means Simple Living. It means choosing to live a Simple Life.

Plato Frugality Quote
Plato Frugality Quote

In other words, Simple Living or Happy Frugality, as Holger prefers to say,  is a number of different voluntary practices to simplify one’s lifestyle. These may include, for instance, reducing one’s possessions, generally referred to as minimalism, or increasing self-sufficiency. Happy Frugality or Simple Living may be characterized by individuals being satisfied with what they have rather than want.

Although asceticism generally promotes living simply and refraining from luxury, not all living simply is ascetic. For instance, Holger enjoys all what life has to offer while being adament not to waste. In short, Happy Frugality or Simple Living is distinct from living in forced poverty. It is a voluntary life style. It is a life where one tries to live with little. However, according to Holger, while being content with little, doesn’t necessarily mean living with nothing. Holger’s Boat aims at being a prime example of Simple Living or Happy Frugality.

Here is a great Wikipedia definition of what Frugality means… Please click on the word in order to open a popup

Why a Happy Frugality ?

The ones choosing a Happy Frugality or a Simple Living may do so for various reasons. Personal taste, financial sustainability, work-life balance or reducing stress are some key elements for people to embark on a more Simple Life. It can also be a reaction to materialism and conspicuous consumerism which has been the main concern of our actual society. Indeed, some mention socio-political goals aligned with the environmentalist, the anti-consumerist or also the anti-war movements. Moreover, for some,  it includes the idea of conservation, degrowth, social justice and tax-resistance.

Frugality quote
Frugality quote

Holger’s Boat is inspired by all the aforesaid elements. For instance, it is a prime example that, with little money, one can build a “dream boat” and live differently… In Happy Frugrality without necessarily being part of today’s rat race. Indeed, while building his boat, Holger’s idea is to always think out of the box. By doing so, he hopes to open a new chapter on a Simple Living or a Happy Frugality.

How to reach Happy Frugality ?

This Blog is not answering this question. It is only trying to give key elements to a Simple Life while trying to reach that Happy Frugality, dear to Holger.

Indeed, while building his boat, Holger has been making major adjustments in his own life which helped him trigger that idea that “Less is more”. In documenting his journey, Holger aims at giving few key ideas or elements which might be useful to few or many.

First chapter of this Happy Frugality Blog: