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A Large Houseboat in need of a Large Shipyard :

FloatYourHomeBerlin is one of the largest houseboat to be ever built on a shipyard, in the Berlin area.

20 by 5 meters, or 65  by 16 feet, FloatYourHomeBerlin sums up approximately 100 square meters of living spaces, plus almost 90 more with its  large roof terrasse.  With four floaters weighing 400 kilos each, altogether they can bear more than 40 tons. In short, FloatYourHomeBerlin will be a steady comfortable houseboat that lasts.

A Specialized Shipyard :

  • HollandBoot Berlin Adlershof
    HollandBoot Berlin Adlershof

With such a weight and of such dimensions, this houseboat must be built on a shipyard near the Spree river. Moreover, its buidling location cannot be far from the Rummelsburg Harbor where ultimately FloatYourHomeBerlin will be anchored. Indeed, right after its structure will be assembled, and before it will be fully completed, it must be craned into the water. Then, only after its launch, the houseboat must be led toward its anchor spot.

Therefore, buidling such a houseboat asks for many sophisticated equipments : hoisting crane as well as  transportation facilities, to name a few. That’s why choosing a professional shipyard is key.

It took Holger almost two months of exploration, around Berlin and its surroundings, to find the perfect cradle for the construction of FloatYourHomeBerlin. After many false hopes as well as many cancelled possibilities,  Holger found all what he was looking for.  Not far from the Schönefeld airport, Holger found the perfect shipyard. Near the Adlershof U Bahn Station (literally Eagle Court in English) along the Teltow Canal,  the Hollandboot Shipyard is clearly a paradise for shipbuilding any kind of boats and vessels.

From luxury boats to more ruff ships, Hollandboot accepts everybody and everyone. That diversity makes Hollandboot so unique. FloatYourHomeBerlin did find there a quiet yet focused community always ready to help.

Here are all infos, on the  Hollandboot website (click on its name in order to open a popup).

A Shipyard for Shipbuilding Enthusiasts :


More than a regular shipyard, Hollandboot is a place where to find true professionals. People who are also eager to share their knowledge and experience.

As soon as he started working on his houseboat, Holger met shipbuilding enthusiasts ready to give expert advices. In here, all wish to learn from each others. A true give and take exchange as part of a true sustainable sharing experience between men and women wanting to build new ways of living.

Below, in our Neighbours section you will find the first chapter of FloatYourHomeBerlin sharing experience :


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