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Design a Sustainable Boat

A Sustainable Design

The first sketches for the houseboat

  • First Model Boat

When the idea of living on water emerged, Holger looked at pre-existing boats to be 100% restaured and updated to  modern needs. Since it was impossible to find a decent floater base for his plans, he took the decision to build from scratch a new base – 100% responding to his needs.

Indeed, by including all the sustainable needs, it means a lower cost of living. Yet, above the idea of sustainability, FloatYourHomeBerlin must also include connectivity to the outside world. Most important, it aims to be completely self-sufficient.

With all the above in mind, Holger embarked on a long journey to researching  many blogs. Here are a couple of very helpful links (in german) which help narrow down  priorities :   matthiaswestphal.tumblr   &  doit-tv (click on the words to open a popup)

Also, by meeting with professional boatbuilders as well as renewable energies and water experts, Holger focuses on what really matters.  For more info, see the following links in german: hausboot-kompass  & loveboat-experiences (click on the words to open a popup) 

After this first research, the design can start. Yet, in order to build a sustainable boat, Holger knows he has to always question every of his needs. Which space is really necessary or even essential?  How to use as many recycled materials as possible in order to  save resources? Try to imagine alternative techniques in order to fit a restricted budget? For instance, the cost of the  floaters will soon be the subject of a future post. It will help everybody understand the economics of building a sustainable boat.

In the end, the main issue remains to focus on sustainability yet with style. As Holger always says : “Less is More but with taste in mind”.

German Regulations & Berlin Bridges

The german regulation for Boat Houses is pretty simple : a solid base which can float. The rest of it is up to the builder.

However, as seen in the picture below the Berlin bridges are very low and cannot allow boats with pontoon.

Low Bridge Berlin
Low Bridge Berlin

Rethink all design to be sustainable


The first idea of Holger’s dream boat includes a second floor which is impossible to move around Berlin… Holger’s moto “Less is More” becomes more than ever relevant.

Therefore, just take the first idea without including the second floor. Yet, keep the idea of the roof garden, so that this houseboat will remain open to the outside.  Also keep in mind, the idea that the solar power needs to fit the shape of this final sustainable design…

  • Real Dream Boat

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