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Construction of the Rooftop

The rooftop basis with roof beams

construction of the roof – part 1

After building the walls, now it is time to add a rooftop. As a general structure, a full wooden 20x10cm roof beams construction needs to be fastened with corners to each wall. In addition, these beams need to be hardened with interbeams. On this roof structure, 5 meters long roof plates should be lifted by a forklift truck. Unfortunately, the HollandBoat construction site forklift truck was only inches shorter than the rooftop high point. Therefore, the only solution is to lift each plate separately. Impossible to do alone since each plate weighs about 100kg each.

Fortunately, walking by, Kiano, a Refugee from Guinea, with the strengths of a horse and a heart of gold, offered his help, whithout any hesitation. Hurra!… Our combined forces, helped by a pulley, are then able to lift the first half of the plates onto the rooftop beams. Then,we fastened them carefully yet not permanently.

A big storm – with roof-plates flying

  • Kiano - the helping angel
    Kiano - the helping angel

Before fixing the plates strongly, a big winter storm named “Bennet” broke over the whole Berlin region. With winds so strong, it blew away one roof plate onto the street. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Lucky me!!! 🙂

Moreover, most of the plates were damaged, even though still on the rooftop beams. The weather goddesses have been very gentle with my project. The “Bennet” storm is indeed the first serious set back with the whole construction works.

The Rescue – with a little help from my friends

construction of the roof – part 2

Good friends are there when you need them. Few phone calls and they showed up to help me fix the damages. Without them, all the quickly needed repair would have been impossible. In lightning speed we carried together the remaining roof plates of the second boat half onto the roof beams. Immediately, we fixed them in order to make sure all are now fully secured.

Now, bitumen roads are rolled out and are nailed onto the rooftop plates. Added to this first layer, another bitumen-sweat roads are melted together with the help of flaming thrower welds. With this technic, the rooftop is fully protected against rains and any upcoming storm. An important step of the house boat building is completed. Slowly yet surely, my boat is becoming real🙂

In the next article I will detail the installation of the windows. Stay tuned!

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