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Construction of the Platform

In a previous post, building the floaters is detailed. Now we need to explain how to connect all the floaters in order to create a platform which is the base of the whole Houseboat. Below, every step of this technical process.

Connecting the floaters

The two floaters are initially aligned in height and distance, so carefully it must be in the millimeter near.  Then I cut recesses for the crossbeams in the floating body walls. The beams made of structural timber (KVH) are now connected to the beams of the floats.

All connection points of the beams are made : A) with 180mm / 10 bolts  –  B) additionally with two metallic angles fixed to the beams C) provided with waterproof wood glue.


The result is a solid wood connection, which provides a solid base  for the construction of the houseboat. On the crossbeam, the 9.50 meters long longitudinal beams are fixed from 20x10cm KVH. At each connection point of the beams, fixation by means of long bolts, rafter anchors and waterproof wood glue is applied again.

The foundation of the houseboat

The interstices of the beams, as well as the space between the floating body walls and the IBC containers are filled with a new material in houseboat construction. More details in a later post. The only lead I can give is that, thanks to this new material, the platform achieves extreme stability. At the same time it is perfectly insulated.

Metal frame as ramming protection and stabilizer

All around this platform, a metal frame is attached. It is fixed to the beams of the floats. This further increases the stability. This frame also serves as a ramming protection when we are later on water. And, more important, this frame will serve as a solid suspension for craning the completed houseboat into the water.

For this frame, I use recycled crash barriers, the ones seen on freeways. This material is rugged, cheap and weather resistant. Last but not least, below the platform, two additional diagonal braces of metal are fixed in order to give the construction last transverse complete stability.

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