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Building Walls, Windows and Exterior Walls

Insert the Windows into the Walls

After laying the beams to support the walls and the roof (explained in a later article), now the time has come to actually build the walls including windows frames. First, triple-glazed windows are inserted and provisionally fixed. The windows must be removed before the boat is launched. This avoids cracks caused by a possible twisting of the body of the boat when being launched onto the water..
Once the boat is afloat, the windows will be permanently sealed to their frames. Each will be insulated with insulating foam as well as Sika, a waterproofing material that prevents water from entering the walls.
In addition to these triple windows to be permanently installed, small openings will be drilled to promote the circulation of air.

A Rounded Shape

  • rounded edge walls windows 1

In order to give a light effect to the massive shape of the boat, the stern and the bow of the boat are rounded. First, a solid beam construction is configured. At each corner of the boat, rounded outer plates follow the attached ties. Flexible and folded wood panels are then screwed onto these ties. The boat’s outer design line becomes lighter. The idea of a wave on the quiet water of the Berlin Spree… See photos above.

Structure of Exterior Walls

After inserting the windows, it is time to built the exterior walls. I use 15 mm screen printing plates. These sheets must be sealed with resin and, most importantly, waterproofed. Each sheet must necessarily be attached to the beams with stainless steel screws. Between two sheets, the seams are fitted with braces placed from the inside, then screwed, to obtain a flat surface. Then, from the outside, the joints between the panels are also sealed with fibreglass epoxy. This protects the outer surface of the boat from water. Later, in order to give life to these walls, the exterior panels will be covered with living moss… a natural graffiti . Vegetable walls growing right above the water

Contruction of the Canopy and Traffic around the Boat

  • canopy roof walls windows 1

A 50 cm canopy is added around the exterior walls. This way, the walls are protected from rain and inclement weather … Above all, the future roof garden increases in overhang of 20 m2. On the other hand, the lower part of the protection acts as a means of circulation during the delicate manoeuvring of the boat. Kind of like a fender to be used as a bumper.

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