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Building up the Walls

The Walls : building a floating home

Walls bound a space. They help shape a home and build an interior. Yet in a Houseboat, walls should also be in tune with the exterior environment. In the case of FloatYourHomeBerlin, the interior will open to the water and to the sky as well, with its roof terrace. See the slider below.

  • Beams for the walls

In previous chapters, putting together Floaters as a base to the Houseboat Platforms are detailed. This foundation keep the whole structure afloat. Now is the time to build strong walls to support the roof and make it a solid home. For each wall, Beams are to be the main structure. Below a technical explanation of how everything is put together.

Beams for the construction

For this construction, I use full wood 10x10cm beams. It is crucial these beams be placed and sealed exactly on the longitudinal sides of the swimming bodies. Indeed, the heavy weight of the roof garden needs to be equally distributed to each of the swimming bodies or floaters. This balance is more than essential for the viability of our Houseboat. .

the construction of the walls of my sustainable houseboat

The beams are connected to the platform with weight-corner link plus inserted reinforcements. Each corner and reinforment have the effect of stabilizing the entire construction. First, all beams of each wall are fastened to the platform. Then I link all these beams at the top with a final full length beam while fasten them with heavy weight corners. Thereupon, the walls are aimed precisely, down to the millimeter, with the help of a plumb bob. Then, they are fixed with laths provisionally. To ensure additional stability to the construction, diagonal beams are fixed. like in a half-timbered house. Triangles reinforcements ensure the most stable connections. With this technic, all walls are struted repeatedly in all directions.

Filling up the walls

So that each wall has its exterior view, Triple Thermopen windows are inserted. Then, the beams are dressed up with 22 mms wooden boarding plates. Each wall is isolated with organic woll. However, in order to prevent internal humidity from spreading through the walls, a thin layer of plastic is to be applied to the wood of each wall. I will detail this important device and its technic in a later post very soon..

In the end, the whole wall construction is strengthened by adding 20x10cm roof beams attached to each part of each wall. The Roof construction will be the subject of a next article.

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