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Building a Boat as a Work of Art.

Building a boat from scratch is not an easy task. It needs to be researched with care. From the materials to the design till feasability, every step of building a boat is like putting together pieces of a puzzle. Which materiel to choose for building a boat? Wood, steel or plastic?  How to build a boat in a sustainable way, of course ? Building a boat with style? In short, building a boat is a work of art.

As soon as Holger embarked on this new adventure of building a boat,  he remembered the design of his original carpentry. He almost instinctively revisited the space age design lines in combination with Art deco modernism…. Indeed, this mosaic of style merges curves and lines, while embracing geometry patterns with creative effusions. With this boat, Holger will do the same : building a sustainable boat for a sustainable lifestyle, yet with a different structure from any others. Maybe with a 1960’s touch of style?

Simple in shape while including the idea of a wave movement, Holger’s boat intends to reclaim the elegance of the former days of naval architecture with a contemporary shape.  It is a work of art modeling wood with taste and passion in order to create a new form of living environment. Of course, without forgetting all the new technologies which need to find its humble place.

Building a Boat : Every Week, A New Task.

With this Blog, Holger offers everybody the opportunity to follow every step of the process of “Building a Boat”. In documenting each and every task, Holger wants, first and foremost, to share his experience and knowledge. By doing so, he hopes to trigger interests in new forms of housing. In other words, his idea is to create a place floating above the current way of approaching living in a big city. Holger wants to share his experience to help others take action to transform alternative lifestyles into a nicer way of living.

Start with the floaters, then explain the why and how his boat has to evolve to be fully sustainable. Also detail how to implement all sustainable technologies (solar and wind power, rainwater recycling, dry toilets). Holger cares about showing the creative process for a new living environment without loosing sight of all  technical details.

Each week is a new challenge, each week explains new tasks, each week brings up new solutions. Holger is adament to explain it all. Hopefully, his savoir-faire will be inspirationnal  to others to try a different life in Berlin or elsewhere.

Follow the first steps :

Free to Help Building a Boat?

While Holger is always ready to share his experiences, he is also eager to have your reactions and maybe your suggestions.  Feel free to add your comments in the section below :

Holger will answer as quickly as possible. By joining the community of helpers, you will be the first to be invited to events on the boat, at his completion.