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WHAT is FloatYourHomeBerlin? A Sustainable way of living.

FloatYourHomeBerlin sees itself as a sustainable example of a new type of urban life. Its aim is to create a new home on water, in full harmony with nature. A houseboat that breaks new grounds in design and sustainability. An oasis in today’s urban jungle.

A first sketch of what this sustainable houseboat will look like. It will be located in Berlin, near Treptower Park, on the Rummelsburg Harbor.

FloatYourHomeBerlin is a private, noncommercial project. It is a do it yourself guide on how to build a sustainable houseboat. Meanwhile, it is an introduction to alternative lifestyles on Berlin waters.

Above all, FloatYourHomeBerlin should be a place for  creative exchange . Indeed, after the houseboat completion, exhibitions and concerts, readings and performances will take place  in its “open atelier“.

A sustainable houseboat

From its floaters to all its modern facilities to become a warm cosy sustainable interior, this new living space wants to be an approach to zero carbon footprint. Therefore, it will include solar as well as wind power, recycling rainwater and, of course, dry toilets. Plus, it will use a maximum of recycled materials. All of the above is  required for a sustainable houseboat.

Here is a definition of  what is Sustainable Development  (click on the word for a popup to appear)

With this Blog, FloatYourHomeBerlin shows how to build a sustainable houseboat from scratch. Hopefully, It is  a different response to our modern far too competitive housing market. In short, it is trying to find new ways to experience alternative lifestyles while remaining sustainable.

In the end, FloatYourHomeBerlin should be a place where to share many experiences. Therefore, your help, ideas and comments are more than welcomed. You can get involved and informed by subscribing to FloatYourHomeBerlin free Newsletter.

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